On Monday 14 January, the Mid-South Canterbury District started trialling the new national fire permitting system. The system will support the National Framework for Fire Control and will be introduced nationwide later in 2019, creating a centralised and consistent permitting tool that allows us to fulfil our mandate under the Act and provide the public with a simple way to comply.   

The Mid-South Canterbury District is trialling the system after taking part in user testing during 2018. The trial is the next step in the development process.

People who apply for a permit within the trial area will be asked for their feedback and this information will be used to ensure the system is ready for launching.  The trial will take place over the next six weeks but the system is expected to continue to be used in the district for the entire fire season.

The Mid-South Canterbury District is unique as many of the people who will apply for permits will be from the arable sector to undergo crop residue burns. Previously they did not have to apply for permits but under the new Act anyone lighting a fire during restricted fire season is required to have an approved permit before lighting. Personnel who will be administering permits have been trained and their feedback on the user experience will also be gathered to ensure the back office system is also ready for rolling out later this year.

The new system will be accessed through checkitsalright.nz(external link)(external link), the same as any other part of the country.

Members of the public who are within the trial area will be directed to call 0800 658 628 if they have any questions.

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