The pilot Travel Office which we have run for the last six months at NHQ will now become a permanent office, says Darryl Purdy, Deputy Chief Executive, Finance and Business Operations.

“In September last year we introduced several initiatives to improve the way we consider and manager our domestic and non-training-related travel. One of these was the establishment of a six-month pilot travel office with a booking team of two travel industry professionals based at NHQ. The aim was to centralise our travel booking process and make it easier and more streamlined. The team has been booking travel over the six months for NHQ, ELT, our Board, and Te Ihu.

“The intention was that the pilot travel booking office would run for six months after which it would be formally assessed against key success indicators and a decision made on whether to make it permanent.

“ELT has now decided that the office will become permanent and travel bookings for our other four regions will be brought in.”

Darryl says the Travel Project team adopted a continuous improvement approach throughout the pilot by regularly seeking feedback, for example, feedback from travellers and travel bookers, via a variety of channels and a survey of 246 travellers on their experience with the travel office, the results of which indicated a high level of satisfaction but also provided areas where changes could be made.

“There are some more initiatives coming over the next couple of months including reviewing the current travel and accommodation policy and the travel approvals process in consultation with unions and associations and our people. The project team is currently running focus groups to discuss the proposed amendments to the policy and approvals process and get feedback.”  

There is more on the Travel Project page.



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