The Wolf Was Not Sleeping is a bedtime story developed by New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society for young children whose parents are first responders working within stressful environments.

Avril McDonald’s book helps soothe the anxiety of children by encouraging conversations which can help them manage trauma. Our work as firefighters can often be stressful and The Wolf Was Not Sleeping provides a way for our people to speak openly about these situations with their families, showing young people there are lots of ways we can show people how we are feeling.

We have made a limited number of copies of the book available to our people. Two copies have been sent to stations, so you can see the book first-hand. Over the next six weeks you can order the book at no cost, on a first-in first-served basis, via your Station Manager, OiC, BScs, VSOs or DPRFO.

Below is a brief synopsis of the book.


The Wolf Was Not Sleeping by Avril MacDonald

Wolfgang's dad works as a helper. When the wolves sound the alarm, he must leave to help the other creatures in the forest. Each night Wolfgang worries about what might happen when his dad gets the call. His worries are so bad that they keep him awake.

Spider leaves a note for Big Dad Wolf to show him how worried Wolfgang is. Big Dad Wolf realises he needs to sit down with Wolfgang to reassure him. He tells him about what happens when he goes to help in the forest. Wolfgang learns that things aren't always as bad as they seem.

The Wolf Was Not Sleeping is part of Avril McDonald's Feel Brave series, featuring little stories about big feelings.

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