Our people working in the Communications Centres (ComCens) are pivotal to the work we do to keep New Zealanders safe. Next year our Northern ComCen is moving.

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Our Communications Centres

Our people working in the Communications Centres (ComCens) are pivotal to the work we do to keep New Zealanders safe.

The teams are rostered 24 hours a day answering 111 calls. They speak with callers to gather information about an incident and dispatch Fire and Emergency resources and equipment to the emergency. Throughout the emergency event, they monitor the situation, liaise with our police and ambulance colleagues as required, and respond with any support services that are needed, such as power and gas companies. 

The Fire and Police Communication Centres are centralised and co-located for managing emergencies.

National ComCen and Medical Response Manager, Gavin Travers, says during the last year the three centres – Northern, Central, and Southern – handled approximately 366,000 calls, with around 95,000 being 111 emergency calls.

“As well as this, dispatchers make approximately 68,000 annual outgoing calls to liaise with other agencies involved in the emergency response (e.g. Police, Ambulance, power and gas companies, building representatives, and other Fire and Emergency personnel).”

Northern ComCen

In early 2018, the Southern ComCen moved to a new building in Christchurch with Police and St John, and now it is the Northern ComCen’s turn to move.

Peter Stevenson, Northern Communications Centre Manager, says the lease for the building the team is currently in expires in December next year so they will be relocating with New Zealand Police to a new building in South Auckland.

“The Police own the new building and they are carrying out a significant upgrade to modernise it for its new role. They already have some of their own teams in there and more moving in later.

“We are looking forward to having a fresh and modern surrounding. We are working closely with our staff and Police on our requirements and we hope to be moving in about this time in 2020.

It also means that the benefits of shared accommodation with Police such as efficiencies from joint systems and shared processes will continue.”

There is a new Project page for the relocation of Northern ComCen on the Portal so everyone can follow progress.

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