Thank you to everyone who took a few minutes to share your experiences in our new people survey - ‘your say’.

The organisation-wide findings are available now on the Portal - within two weeks of the survey closing. 

The first survey focussed on people experience and leadership capability survey and is the first of three short pulse surveys we’re running over a year period. 

These quick ‘pulse check’ surveys provide us with an idea of where we’re at now and allow us to measure our progress as each survey theme is based off the strategic goals in Tauākī Takune 2023–2027 Statement of Intent. 

As a next step, regions and branches will look at their results and agree what actions they will take.  

Key measures

The two key measures that will be included in each pulse survey are:

I would recommend Fire and Emergency as a great place to work or volunteer

92% of respondents across the organisation were either favourable (77%) or neutral (15%)

I enjoy working or volunteering at Fire and Emergency

96% of respondents across the organisation were favourable (85%) or neutral (11%)


While overall these are largely positive results – when we look at what drives these two measures there a couple of key areas we can improve.

Based on the findings, and consistent with other feedback, two of the key areas where we can positively impact these measures are through:

  • a positive and inclusive culture
  • increasing confidence that we will act on the results of the survey (this was one of the least favourable findings in the survey this year with just 33% responding favourably, 34% neutral and 33% unfavourable).

Creating a positive and inclusive culture is an absolute priority – at both an Executive Leadership Team and Board level.

As an immediate action, the insights from this survey will feed into our Eke Taumata programme.

Ultimately our culture is the outcome of everything each of us says, does and accepts in the workplace and we all have a role to play to create a positive and inclusive culture.

Work is underway across the organisation that will help us to achieve that change. It will take time but action is underway and these results will inform this work.

We look forward to sharing updates with you as this programme progresses – to demonstrate the action that is taking place in this area. 

Other findings

  • Across all questions volunteers responded more favourably than employees.
  • Overall, there was low confidence that Fire and Emergency will act on the results of the survey.
  • The most favourable response across both employees and volunteers was to the statement “I understand the expectations of me in my role”.
  • Overall there were also favourable responses to “my team works well together” and “I feel my role contributes to the success of Fire and Emergency”.

 View the full results here

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