Help us shape our organisation to be the best it can be. Tell us what you think about Fire and Emergency in our second People Survey launched today. We’re hoping to get a widespread response across Fire and Emergency to make sure our people’s views are well represented. You should receive a link to the survey via email today unless you are a contractor, it’s easy, all you need to do is click on the link. 

Once again, we are running two separate surveys one for volunteers with 31 questions and 29 for employees, from 24 February to 20 March 2020. Most of the questions are similar to last year but with nine additional questions about respect and inclusion and our national strategy launched last November.

Check for an email from AskYour Team to your Fire and Emergency address for the survey link or if you are a volunteer and have told us your personal email is your preferred contact, then check that. AskYourTeam is an independent organisation running the survey for us.

People who are both Fire and Emergency employees and volunteers can answer both surveys if they wish and will receive a separate link via email to each survey.

You only need about 10 mins to complete the survey. You can choose to answer as little or as much as you like before submitting it.

Last year’s survey produced a lot of insightful feedback and shaped the way we understand and support all our people across Fire and Emergency. Find out about the key themes from last year’s survey and check out what we’re doing to address them on the portal

We are very keen to get your feedback as it helps us shape our organisation to be the best it can be. Let us know if you have any questions about the survey or you have not received a survey link, contact us at

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