We’re happy to announce the results of Te Hiku’s Celebrating Success Awards, which were held on 8 December 2020.

Congratulations to all those awarded for going above and beyond in their work for the organisation and the people we serve, and also to all that were nominated. Region Manager Ron Devlin said in his speech that he was “immensely proud to hear of the unique contributions our people have made and the ceremony was a wonderful opportunity to bring friends and family of the recipients together to celebrate”.

This year there were 37 outstanding nominations across Te Hiku, a true reflection of the excellent work our people are doing, that others are recognising.


Pictured: Te Hiku winners


Here are the category winners:

Operational Efficiency: Planning and Performance Team (Deane Ingram, Brogan Powlesland, Gerry McGregor, Sujo Philipose)

For enthusiastically providing the tools through analysis, research and data reporting that enhances the ability for effective management of the region’s performance. The Planning and Performance team also work collaboratively with other agencies and community organisations to provide a holistic government approach to regions looking to the future. The work of this team goes further than enhancing operational efficiency and leads seamlessly into enhancing community enrichment through excellence and innovation in optimising processes and tools. This helps people do their job more effectively through providing reports and data to measure activities in our work towards the 4R’s.


Safety, Health & Wellbeing: Graham Kerrigan

For work in producing a range of high-quality, easy to follow, step-by-step videos that brigades could use to put on and take off PPE. The success of these videos eventually landed them on the National Service Delivery Coordination Centre. These clips are available to our people on our COVID-19 page to access when going through the different alert levels. Nationally, this has contributed to the enhancement of the safety, health and wellbeing of our people in Fire and Emergency, as well as setting the example of how we can reach out to our team of 15,000 people under lock down conditions to provide valuable information.


Community Enrichment: Terry Baylis

For showing incredible dedication to his community for over 40 years, including in his roles of operational support, peer support, fire risk management, health and safety and FAIP. Specifically, Terry recently provided exceptional service to a young boy with ADHD, who caused two classrooms to be burnt to the ground. Terry worked through the challenges and through education, supported the boy to understand consequences and learn from his mistakes. With other organisations not having success with this boy in the past, the family of the boy were extremely grateful and complimentary of Terry’s commitment and success in helping this child. Terry has been committed to this program for some 20 years, helping around 200 to 250 children aged 5 to 17 years, many of who are from struggling backgrounds and communities that desperately need the support of someone like Terry.


Leadership: Helen Edmonds

For demonstrating outstanding leadership, specifically in problem solving challenging issues while ensuring the full involvement and participation of all brigade members. A particular challenge Helen has led resolving was the organising of a suitable replacement appliance for the brigade, which required much consultation with management to ensure the right selection was made for the area and its requirements. She also played an important role in replacing the brigades 4WD drive as it came close to its end of life. The Piha Brigade were in attendance to support Helen’s leadership award, which goes to show how widely recognised and respected her leadership reaches.


Demonstrating the Values: Bob O’Flaherty

For aligning with and demonstrating the organisational values by holding himself and others to a high standard, providing mentorship and support to others, exhibiting inclusive behaviour and always striving towards a better future. Bob has enforced a positive and inclusive relationship through his role as a career firefighter as well as supporting the volunteer brigade as part of the composite station. This acceptance and collaborative approach has influenced the culture in Counties Manukau with a number of career firefighters serving their communities as volunteers alongside their career roles. This sharing of knowledge benefits the volunteer brigade members and helps dispel the perceived barriers between different working groups in both directions.


Highly commended

Operational Efficiency: Tony Searle

Safety, Health & Wellbeing: Jeff Shrimpton

Community Enrichment: Diane Scott

Community Enrichment: Roger Wildman

Leadership: Sarah Capon

Demonstrating the Values: Trevor Gallagher


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