This year’s Wellington International Pride Parade was a colourful event celebrating the diversity of the communities we serve and support. 

Around 80 Fire and Emergency New Zealand personnel had a lot of fun marching alongside three appliances with their friends and whānau in support of the event. Personnel from all over the country were represented, from Te Hiku to Te Kei. 

“I think it’s great working for an organisation that is open to diversity and the inclusiveness of everyone - one and all,” said Jess, a career firefighter from Christchurch, who attended the event alongside her partner.

Thousands of Wellingtonians lined up along Courtenay Place and Taranaki Street, cheering as our people waved flags, blasted sirens from the fire appliances and sprayed water at the crowd.

The event provided a chance for Fire and Emergency to celebrate our diverse people and community.  

“I support diversity and that is probably the main reason I got involved,” says Karen, a volunteer from Upper Hutt with over 20 years’ experience.

“Inclusion no matter what. It’s who people are not what they are that counts.”

With the numbers of Fire and Emergency personnel attending rising significantly in 2020, our people’s support for inclusion and diversity was clear to see, something which connected with Raewyn Bleakley, Office of the Chief Executive, who enjoyed being involved in the event.

“I love the fact that Fire and Emergency are here again,” Raewyn said. 

“I love that people have travelled from around the country to be a part of this and it’s just such a celebration of how we as an organisation have inclusion and diversity at the heart of everything we do.”

As the parade concluded on the Wellington waterfront, everyone's energy and emotion were clear to see, sharing their joy at being involved and already looking forward to next year’s event.

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