1. Name the four different roles people can volunteer for Fire and Emergency as.

  2. How many volunteer brigade stations are there across the motu?

  3. What percentage of the Fire and Emergency workforce are volunteers?

  4. What is our most northern brigade? 

  5. What is our most southern brigade? 

  6. Name that truck! – photo round
    Photo A Photo B
  7. What year was New Zealand’s first volunteer fire brigade established?

  8. How old is the youngest female Chief Fire Officer?

  9. Who wears this helmet?
  10. Fill in the blank __________ Employer of Fire and Emergency volunteers.

    a. Pleased to be an
    b. Proud
    c. Happy

  11. Who else do we thank during National Volunteer Week for supporting our volunteers and allowing them to serve their communities?
    a. Volunteers’ whanau
    b. Volunteers’ employers
    c. Both

Check your answers. [PDF, 259 KB]

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