Our Fleet team is rolling out a new safety initiative for personnel using our trailers and towing vehicles.

National Programmes and Standards (Fleet) Manager, John Allardyce, says Fire and Emergency has a range of trailers across our fleet that perform a wide range of functions and the towing vehicle could vary depending on what is available at the time.

“It is good practice to spend five minutes checking key aspects of the trailer and the towing vehicle to ensure they are compatible as well as checking the trailer is compliant to be on the road.

“We have developed a ‘Have you done your 5 minute check?’ initiative which involves a checklist that attaches to the draw bar close to the trailer coupling. These will be easy to see and will help jog people’s memories on what to check. These checklists are currently being rolled out by the Fleet Coordinators.”

John says the team would also like to remind personnel the importance of making sure the tow ball and coupling are the same size and to read National Notice 027/2019 Trailer coupling hazard.

For questions or more information, contact your Fleet Coordinator.


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