Families play an important role in supporting our volunteers. Therefore, Fire and Emergency has created a Families of Volunteers brochure to help families, particularly those with a newer volunteer, understand what to expect, how life may change for them and how they, as a family, can be more involved.

With almost 11,000 volunteers spread across Aotearoa, we are reaching out to families to engage, inform and support them, as they support our volunteers who help keep our communities safe.

While the information will be beneficial to newer volunteers, it will also be valuable to those who have been involved with us for longer.

Copies of the brochure (pictured below) are on their way to volunteer stations around the country, so look out for them and be sure to take a copy home to share with your whānau. They will also be shared at Volunteer Leadership Conferences in June and July and can be ordered via Online Ordering.


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