The latest Summer Wildfire Prevention Campaign is running from November 2019 to April 2020

Last year we battled 4,416 vegetation fires, mostly in summer. This year’s summer campaign targets domestic and international tourists, and those living and working near forested areas, with an emotive education campaign to get people to reduce the risk of wildfire especially if it’s hot, dry and windy.

A new educational website link) and select media goes live this week, with majority of media hitting in mid-December to intercept different audiences at key moments of potential fire risk with relevant messages.

Channels include TVNZ Weather partnership, radio, social media, petrol pump and gas bottle swap media, Air NZ Domestic flights, regional print, truck backs, campgrounds and more. The message will also play on selected digital and radio media.

Regional resources will be available on the Portal Bookshelf within the next few weeks, we encourage you to use these resources in your communities to support the National campaign on a local level.

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