Nothing is more important than your safety, health and wellbeing, so here is a timely reminder of the things we can all do to look after our wellbeing.

Take a break when you need, get plenty of rest, eat a good diet, keep hydrated, keep active and make some time for fun.

If you or your family need support over the busy holiday period, remember Fire and Emergency provide all our people with free and confidential support services.

Talk to a peer support person, a Safety, Health and Wellbeing Advisor in your region, your manager or access one of these options below:

Over December and January, if you want to talk confidentially to someone from the Safety, Health and Wellbeing or Peer Support Team, here is the list of who is available and their contact details.

December and January contact for support
Boyd Raines 027 4971 313 John Grainger 027 496 8150 Lesina Walden 027 242 8781
Mark Julian 021 1062 562 Paul Fleming 022 4069 259 Shane Dudley 027 469 4946

Alternatively, contact one of the following services for confidential counselling services.

Region 1, 2, 3

Region 4, 5


Remember, your immediate family can get advice and support through these services. Please tell them you are from Fire and Emergency, so we can cover the cost. It’s still completely confidential – we are only advised of the number of people seeking help.


Download and print this Stay Well A3 poster and put it up at your station to remind you and your crew or workmates of the support services that are available.

Additional support options

If you need urgent psychological support, please contact your GP on call, Ambulance Service, or local hospital emergency department who can refer you to the Crisis Assessment and Treatment Teams (CATT) services in your area as needed.

More information on available support services and Safety, Health and Wellbeing resources including contact details for peer support people in your region, can be found on the Critical incident and personal stress support page on the Portal.

You can also access available support information will also be available on the following Union and Association websites:

UFBA - link)

NZPFU - link)

FRFANZ - link)

FECA - link)

Firefighters Welfare Society - link)

PSA - link)

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