A quick note to explain why we’ve taken down the Daylight Saving campaign we launched on the Portal on Tuesday. While it’s always a great idea to make sure your neighbours are okay, given the current situation we felt that encouraging our people into close contact with the public simply wasn’t appropriate. We’ll aim to relaunch the campaign in September, keep your eyes on the Portal for more information closer to the date.

We know working smoke alarms give people an early alert to fire in their home, and that early warning gives them the best chance of escaping alive. That’s why we encourage our people to share two simple messages with their families, friends and the New Zealand public:

  • “Press the button to check”
  • “When you sleep, you lose your sense of smell”

Many of us are already aware of the need to our check fire alarms, yet there is still work to do. Fire and Emergency’s Fire Knowledge & Communications Monitor shows that 87%* of New Zealanders claim to have at least one working smoke alarm, however only 74% of them claim to test them regularly. It doesn’t take a researcher to identify the risk here, and we need to lift these statistics with regular public reminders to check smoke alarms are working.

The second message is equally important, and perhaps less understood. While many Fire and Emergency personnel know this fact, a good conversation starter next time you're catching up with family over the phone might be - did you know that when you sleep, you lose your sense of smell? It outlines the importance of working smoke alarms.

We’ll be undertaking a marketing campaign from 30 March – 5 April encouraging all New Zealanders to check their smoke alarms are working. Keep an eye out for our ads on radio, TV, billboards and social media. Download the full media schedule here [PDF, 438 KB] [PDF, 438 KB].

As part of Fire and Emergency, we all take a lot of pride in keeping communities safe, and we’d like to share these messages through your networks. Try sharing a post from our official Fire and Emergency Facebook or Instagram pages.

Campaign Collateral Available

A3 Campaign Posters will be available on Online Ordering on 23 March. Take to local smoke alarm retailers for their point of sale displays, or place around the station.

Station Billboards artwork can also be provided. Just send an email to Kim Standen with the dimensions of your billboards. Note: Printing of billboards will need to be paid out of local budgets.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the External Communications team at National Headquarters.


*87% is taken from the most recent Dec 2019 Fire Knowledge & Communications Effectiveness quarterly survey results  

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