Every year as the temperatures drop, we see a significant increase in the number of house fires due to the increased use of heat sources such as heaters, fireplaces, electric blankets and dryers.

This year our new winter fire safety campaign ‘See a fire before it starts’ uses a thermographic treatment. Thermal imaging helps us to show dangers that are often hidden from the naked eye, and that fire is easily preventable if you know what to look for. This creative idea was suggested by Hadlee Wright (Risk Reduction Advisor Northland) and brought to life under the guidance of Todd O’Donoghue and team.

The campaign shares three key fire safety actions:

  1.  A metre from the heater – keep everything at a safe distance
  2.  Cool ash before you stash - soak with water in a metal bucket
  3.  A clean dryer avoids fire – remove lint before every use.

The campaign targets those at risk in our communities, so they can better identify fire risks when using everyday household items. It will appear on social media, radio, online, and outdoor billboards until mid-August. Look out for our ‘Cool ash before your stash’ messages on all kindling boxes sold at Mitre10, Warehouse and Bunnings stores too!

As a part of Fire and Emergency, you play an important advocacy role by encouraging your networks, community and external stakeholders to share and follow the three key fire safety actions. We’ve developed resources to help you share our messages which are available here. You can also update your email signature by downloading the new winter fire safety graphic from the portal.


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