This August, Fire and Emergency and TotalCare will begin the rollout of 5000 new protective hoods. These hoods will help protect our firefighters from carcinogen exposure at structural fires.

The rollout is an interim measure until we can source protective hoods for all operational personnel. We are currently planning a full trial, which will occur over the next 18 months, followed by a formal procurement process for a replacement hood for issue to all breathing apparatus wearers.  

During this interim period, we'll distribute new hoods to firefighters at the 100 busiest stations, as measured by structure fire response. A further 300 protective hoods will be available to recruits and trainers at the National Training Centre, and a small pool of reserve hoods will be held at TotalCare and at area stores in regions where hoods have been delivered.

Firefighters who receive the interim hoods will be required to hand in their current hoods. Firefighters may also notice that these new protective hoods feel warmer and that they are black, the latter making them identifiable as interim hoods.

We have worked in partnership with the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union on the rollout of the new hoods and will continue to do so as the trial progresses. We appreciate their support and advocacy in getting the rollout across the line.

Check out the new hoods. 



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