Our new identity is a tangible sign of change that we are a new organisation, and we want to introduce it as soon as practical. At the same time, we need to ensure we get it right – particularly when introducing it to more than 14,000 people, approximately 700 buildings, and 2500 vehicles. The roll out is progressing well, across property, fleet and uniform.

You can get updates about the branding project on the Portal.


Introducing our new branding to our stations and offices is well underway. 142 sites across the country have been selected as the priority for rebranding by their respective Regional and National teams.

Sites are being rebranded on a ‘like-for-like’ basis, according to each location’s public visibility and their signage requirements. We expect the 142 sites to be rebranded by the end of May 2018, with an RFP issued afterwards for the remaining sites.

In addition, all new stations will have the new branding, starting with Spreydon and Ashburton, which were opened earlier this year. Most of our properties will be rebranded by July 2020.

Rebranding in each region is being coordinated by the National and Local Property teams.

We aim to have the majority of existing properties rebranded by July 2020. Rebranding in each Region will be coordinated by the National and Local Property and Area teams.


For Day One of Fire and Emergency New Zealand, we took a ‘minimal change’ position to uniforms, where we only rebranded uniforms where required, and the policy was to keep wearing existing uniforms.

We have now decided to, with some exceptions, continue with this arrangement and guidelines for the wearing of this interim uniform have been issued / are located below, for use until decisions are made about a unified uniform. More details are available on the Portal.

All personnel will have the chance to contribute to a discussion on the new unified working/station uniform for our whole organisation this year, and our intent is to start rolling it out in 2019.


Our fleet of about 2500 vehicles includes a wide range of different makes and models. While all our new vehicles (from July 2017) have the new Fire and Emergency NZ ‘livery’ applied before entering service, it’s a big job to rebrand our existing fleet.

Our first stage was to rebrand utility vehicles that were transferred from rural fire organisations. Now we are working on the MAN Type 3s. Currently eight have been fully rebranded, and a partial rebrand of other Type 3s is underway.

This includes a MAN Type 3 in Rotorua, where are including Te Reo Māori on the signage, given Rotorua’s status as a bi-lingual city. This includes incorporating the Poutama (Māori waterfall design) at the front of the vehicle.

Testing on older rural and urban appliances is also underway, to ensure quality can be maintained and the process does not impact operationally.

Our aim is to have all appropriate fleet vehicles rebranded by July 2020, with priority being given to newer vehicles and those with regular public visibility.

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