Some personnel may be still having problems accessing their Fire and Emergency NZ email accounts remotely from their computer or phone (WebMail). The ICT team continues to work on resolving this issue with Microsoft, who are providing support and advice from their international offices.  

Murray Mitchell, Director Information and Communications Technology, is waiting on advice on how best to proceed. He will provide an update later today on next steps.

The ICT team has confirmed with a number of career and volunteer firefighters that the Portal is accessible remotely, and that operational systems, such as SMS, are unaffected and continue to be accessible through the Portal. Personnel already transferred to Office365 should be able to access emails remotely, after logging in again.

In the meantime, all personnel who are affected can access work emails and the Portal from devices located on-station, in an Area Office, or at NHQ, or at home if they have a FENZ issued laptop that has Windows 10. Remember that Regional and National Notices, as well as News items, are on the home page of the Portal and can be accessed from anywhere - link).

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of spam emails generated last week by non-authorised individuals remotely accessing FENZ’s email system, we had to block all remote access. This was to keep the system secure. It is now safe but all users are required to change their passwords to ensure that it remains secure. Click here to see more about the background to this issue, published on the Portal on Monday.

Again, we apologise for the inconvenience this issue has caused and we are working to resolve it as fast as we can. We also ask that you share this message with your teams and colleagues to keep them information with what is happening, and we will update you again soon.

Please contact Murray Mitchell, Director Information and Communications Technology, for more information on rather than the ICT helpdesk staff to free them up to address this issue.

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