The Home Fire Safety Visit (HFSV) programme empowers firefighters to visit homes in their communities and carry out safety checks, and install smoke alarms into eligible homes. A review of the collateral used as part of these visits was completed in late 2018 and, after a period of consultation on the changes recommended for the various brochures in the HFSV community engagement toolkit, Fire and Emergency is now ready to ‘relaunch’ these toolkits to its staff around the country. 

The new community engagement toolkit is now available on Bookshelf. Collateral for Home Fire Safety Visits can be ordered from the online ordering system(external link).

Once your new collateral arrives, please destroy old brochures. 

Some of the new collateral includes letterbox flyers, training videos and a revised brochure featuring an Escape grid and a colouring page for children.

For more information, contact Peter Gallagher, National Advisor Fire Risk Management.

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