The Decontamination Project team is looking for enthusiastic and committed people to make up the Decontamination Project Working Group to assist with the future direction of Fire & Emergency’s decontamination capability and ensure that our future decontamination practices are fit for purpose and meet the needs of our firefighters and other key stakeholders in the future. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to:

  • share your experience of decontamination
  • help shape the future of decontamination and the techniques we use
  • gain experience of how projects work

You will be part of understanding the current issues, learn about innovative approaches for decontaminating people, helping define what we need, and be involved in trials and evaluation (after the Business case is approved) to ensure we provide the best solution for our people and our communities.

We are looking for diverse representation from across the organisation and seek participation from both Career and Volunteer personnel, and from provincial and metropolitan areas to ensure a wide range of perspectives are represented on the group. We understand that depending on geographical locations there will be different challenges for the project to address.

If you would like more information about what to expect and what we are looking for, see pg. 2 of the Working Group application form or head over to the portal page  

Be quick – we need your application by 0900 Wednesday, 21 September.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact  

To apply, please click the link below.

Application for Decontamination Working Group [DOCX, 98 KB]

Please note: Career staff will be paid overtime as per CEA (or covered on special leave) while volunteer members will be reimbursed as per the Volunteer loss of personal income policy.

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