FE1000 Home Safe Home brochure If you have logged on to the Landau Logistics Online Ordering website recently, you would have noticed there are now Fire and Emergency New Zealand branded resources available to order.

If you still have New Zealand Fire Service branded brochures and resources, please continue to use this stock until it runs out before ordering the new stock that is now available.

To date the resources that have been rebranded are:

  • FE4012 Safe meeting place sticker
  • FE4018 Call 111 stickers
  • FS4011 Get firewise certificate
  • FE2023 Does your child light fires brochure
  • FE1000 Home Safe Home brochure
  • FE774 Keep safe this summer
  • FE4007 Get firewise family book
  • FE1508 Kitchen fire safety
  • FE1532 There’s been a fire in your neighbourhood
  • FE1534 Make your home and family safe
  • FE1105 Whare Korero booklet
  • FE1501 C’mon guys get firewise brochure
  • FE1724 Flint and Amber bookmarks
  • FE1801 Home Fire Safety Visit invitation
  • FE1201 Electric blanket safety tips
  • FE1608 Apartment fire safety tips
  • FE100 How to be fire safe in your home
  • FE1551 Flatters A4 form
  • FE910 A4 Grid sheet
  • FE1609 Guy Fawkes DL flyer
  • FE1610 Fireworks poster
  • FE3501 A5 prospective employer booklet
  • FE3503 Thank you cards
  • FE2803 SMS Field Note Guide
  • FE900 Form consent to enter a home or Marae
  • FE901 Notice of entry template
  • FE902 Notice restrict or prohibit entry to site
  • FE903 Request access to a restricted or prohibited site
  • FER116A LACES (pink card)
  • FER134 Chainsaw log book
  • FER247 NZ Aircraft passenger/ cargo manifest for wildfires
  • FER103 Effects of heat
  • FE8000 Illness rehabilitation programme
  • FE8001 Injury rehabilitation programme
  • FE8005 Staying Well Guide
  • FE6001 Campaign posters
  • FE3301 Invitation booklet
  • FE3302 Flyer /handout
  • FE3306A3 Customisable poster A3
  • Various business cards, compliment slips, envelopes, letterheads

We are continuing work to rebrand all resources on Online Ordering. For issues or queries relating to Online Ordering please email OnlineOrdering@fireandemergency.nz.

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