The risk and impact of wildfires in Aotearoa are increasing. Climate change, as well as more people living rurally, are some of the factors driving this growth.

The rise in the frequency and severity of large wildfires in New Zealand over the last three to four years has resulted in a significant impact to our land and tragic losses (think Port Hills and Lake Ōhau, among others). In addition, many of these wildfires are happening in the shoulder months rather than the typical higher-risk summer period.

Preventing wildfires and increasing our communities’ preparedness in case of wildfire continues to be the aim of our Wildfire Readiness and Prevention campaign this season.

Throughout spring, we've been targeting rural and semi-rural dwellers with messages about the actions they can take to help protect their property from wildfire.

As we approach summer, our communications shift to wildfire prevention. The key elements of this phase of the campaign are:

  • pushing real-time local fire danger status to people in key locations via various online channels and digital outdoor billboards if the danger is high, very high or extreme
  • delivering real-time and localised fire danger level and fire season information across MetService’s desktop and app platforms
  • former NZ rugby players Christian Cullen and Glen Osborne reminding people of the tips for safe backcountry cooking, campfires, beach bonfire and backyard BBQs, and cultural cooking fires
  • the much-loved feathered ambassadors highlighting fire danger in selected channels, such as DOC locations

Come autumn, NZ rugby player, Samuel Whitelock, will help educate rural and semi-rural communities about simple ways they can keep themselves and their property safe with low flammability planting.



We’ve developed resources to help you share our message. They are available on the Risk Reduction(external link) bookshelf.

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