Our Proud Employer campaign starts Monday, 2 November.

Every day, hundreds of businesses and organisations across New Zealand support Fire and Emergency by allowing and supporting their employees, to respond to incidents.

Whether they are one of our self-employed volunteers or an employer of our volunteers, they are part of our crew helping us to keep our communities safe.

To celebrate these employers, our nationwide campaign introducing our Proud Employer mark, kicks off on Monday 2 November.  The campaign is about helping the public recognise businesses and organisations that support us.

We created the mark, a stylised flame in the shape of a matau, with our self-employed volunteers and employers to make sure we got it right. When we tested the idea we received comments like “This is a powerful idea that will make a positive difference” and “If I was in a new town and saw that symbol in a shop window I would go in and say thanks” 

You may have already spotted the Proud Employer mark on our Fire and Emergency utes around the country and perhaps on some organisations’ vehicles or shop windows. Look out for the mark and our campaign in local newspapers, on social media, on the back of trucks, YouTube, and video-on-demand as well as a series of live TV interviews, over the next few weeks.

Check out what we have planned for the Proud Employer campaign. You can get involved too by downloading the Facebook profile frame available next Monday from our Fire and Emergency Facebook page(external link)(external link), for your Facebook .


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