Fourteen projects have been selected to proceed in the 24/25 financial year.

The prioritisation process we use each year is an important step in making sure we are delivering the right things for our people and for the communities we serve.

These 14 projects were chosen because of their strategic importance and urgency to Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

The projects are:

  • Decontamination
  • Emergency Management, combined with Incident Management Capability
  • External Funding (Levy work)
  • Future State Capability
  • Gas Detection (Doctrine and Wildfire Discovery Elements)
  • Hazmat Command Capability
  • Health Standards
  • Local Advisory Committees – to stand up committees
  • Paearu Mahi
  • Payroll Compliance Programme
  • Respiratory protection programme 1
  • Respiratory protection programme 2, combined with Long Duration Breathing Apparatus
  • Strategic Direction and Line of Sight Alignment
  • Training Function Improvement Programme

All funded ideas and projects now have a component of budget to develop a delivery plan for the year. That plan will then be reviewed and approved by the Investment Committee. Further funding will be released as the project progresses and achieves agreed milestones.

For more information about the process go the Enterprise Portfolio Prioritisation page on the portal.

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