In our update in April we advised that feedback from the crews who evaluated the four appliances was being analysed and this would be used to influence the final design before we selected our preferred supplier.

We also advised that the project team would be collating, organising, and prioritising improvements for future orders, including changes that would be shared with the suppliers for them to provide their best and final offer.

The Evaluation Panel has deliberated on the proposed changes received from the crews and prioritised those to be shared with suppliers to be considered in their best and final offers. These changes have been approved by the Project Steering Committee.

Amongst the list of changes, four key changes were shared with suppliers in late April, to give them more time to consider redesigns – these were:

  • Space in the cab.
  • Increasing payload.
  • Restowing the ECB to lockers.
  • Increased accessibility to telemetry.

The project team has also had “demo” sessions with each supplier, so the suppliers can present any design options and ask the project team any questions.

Suppliers have until 9 August to submit their best and final offers.

The appliances are currently being worked on to have outstanding issues resolved e.g., radio frequency issues, foam system, and other faults found during/after the trials. Once all issues and relevant modifications have been made, the appliances will be allocated to stations. The receiving stations of these appliances are yet to be determined.

Next steps:

  • Assess the best and final offers.
  • Panel discuss and recommends the preferred supplier/s.
  • Board to approve the recommendation (the preferred supplier/s).
  • Refine first order with preferred supplier/s.
  • Place the order.


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