The Positive Workplace Culture programme has been underway since April 2019 and the latest six month progress report is now available.

This is our fifth progress report, covering the reporting period May – October 2021. It is available on the Portal and on our website(external link)

Since our last report, we’ve continued to implement our initiatives to address the 33 recommendations made in the review by retired Judge Coral Shaw.

A significant milestone reached in the last six months has been the appointment of a high-calibre team to staff our permanent Behaviour and Conduct Office (BCO). We have appointed a new Director, with excellent qualifications and experience for this role, along with six other permanent team members who specialise in complaints management, investigations and resolutions.

Transitioning to a permanent BCO is a fundamental step in addressing bullying and harassment and building a respectful and positive workplace culture in our organisation.  We are now embedding a fair and transparent mechanism for resolving complaints.

The BCO is responsible for proactively setting standards and providing education, data and intelligence to prevent unwanted behaviour from occurring. Where it does occur the BCO will effectively manage complaints and work with individuals to restore positive working relationships following a complaint.

The report highlights other achievements over the last six months, including the launch of Hiwa-i-te-rangi, a three-year programme designed to bring to life our commitment to working with Māori as tangata whenua. In order to improve our people’s awareness and understanding of Maori culture, we also released “He Tīmatanga Kōrero”, an introductory guide to kaupapa Māori.

Please take some time to read this report and engage with the materials available. We all have a role to play in creating a healthy, vibrant workplace culture and building an organisation where everyone is safe, welcome, respected and included. Thank you for your ongoing support and for participating in this mahi in such a constructive and positive way. While creating meaningful, lasting change does take time, this report shows we are making steady progress.

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