The following are the last group of enhancements/fixes for this round and have now been rolled out:

1. The Recent site updates, located on the homepage, now includes an “All updates” link so that you can keep up with all the changes on the Portal.

2. All menu tiles will now have a “View all” link located at the bottom of each menu.  

3. The search function has had further improvements making search returns more accurate. Further search bugs have been fixed.

4. For mobile use, we have made all menu icons, news images and landing page images clickable for easier access.

5. The Facebook link is now visible at the bottom of each page.

6. Several CMS enhancements have also been completed making it easier for content loading and more accessible for users.  Plus, more options for reports on document content.

From here, we will be moving to the user research phase as Phase One of the Portal was very much focused on providing a foundation intranet for 1 July that could be enhanced by Phase 2 and understanding the needs of the new organisation.

Therefore, the goals of Phase Two are:

  • In Jan, we will be holding user interviews to understand how personnel currently use the Portal and how they want to use it.
  • Understand how digital channels can make it easier for our personnel to do their job.
  • Understand what the digital communications needs/opportunities are for our personnel.

For further information and tips, please see the Portal reference guide or contact the Web Team,

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