Official stand-up of the new People Branch

Today marks the official stand-up of our new branch and I’m delighted we have now reached this milestone.

All of our new directorates/leadership roles are now stood up with the exception of the People Experience directorate which will be in place from 10 August. Until then the teams that sit under this directorate will have interim reporting arrangements in place as outlined in our interim structure chart. [PDF, 521 KB]

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the People branch for their continued work and commitment over the past few months as we have worked through this time of change.

My vision for the new People Branch is to help all of our people to be their best by providing them with a positive experience throughout their time with Fire and Emergency. This means we will support our people to grow and develop, and ensure we provide them with a positive and inclusive culture, where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves.

I’ve outlined below a brief recap of the key focus of each of the new directorates and the functions for the Chief Advisor roles. Over the coming months, I will continue to provide you with updates as we work through what each function in the Branch will look like in more detail and how we will work with the rest of the organisation.

Outline of the new People Branch

Culture and Change – led by Elizabeth Church

Delivering strategies and initiatives that drive organisational transformation and building a positive workplace culture with behaviours that strongly reflect our values.

People Experience – led by Tjene Tedeschi

Delivering core services to our people and leaders across the organisation, and providing support for people at different stages through their experience with Fire and Emergency.

People and Workforce Capability – led by Ian Pickard

Delivering the strategies and programmes that build organisational and workforce capability, and providing our people with the learning and development to support their personal and professional growth.

People Services – led by Rachael Thorp

Working as the conduit between the People Branch and Service Delivery, ensuring that we’re working in collaborative partnership to support and deliver their people, strategies and work.

Chief Advisors – Chris Wells (Key Relationships), April Christie (Safety, Health & Wellbeing), Brighid Jamieson (Volunteerism)

Delivering the thought leadership and strategy required to accelerate our commitment and investment in safety, health and wellbeing, volunteerism and employment relationships with our people and their representatives.

The Chief Advisors will also provide strategic and innovative executive-level advice and influence across the Board (including sub-committees), ELT, SDLT and critical programmes of work. 


Ngā mihi


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