The Pacific Islands Languages Grant is available to all personnel considering or already undertaking study in any Pacific Islands language.

The grant is an initiative to help Fire and Emergency NZ work more effectively with Pacific populations and to benefit the personal development of its recipients.

The 2017/18 Pacific Islands’ Languages Grant recipients have shared some of their experiences below on how the grant has benefitted them after having had some time to put their course learnings into practice.


QFF Pio Afemata, Area 4, Region 1

 In completing this course I believe it played a vital part in the role I played as a Afi Pasefika member representing FENZ in Samoa … This was an opportunity of a lifetime….definitely provided an intimate view of the Samoan culture and an acknowledgement of our own diversity in New Zealand and the Samoan communities that we come into contact within our course of work. 

I am proud to be a recipient of the grant, as I believe it has provided me the necessary tools I needed to confidently communicate and share skills to help my at risk community… The Pacific Languages Grant has literally provided me with a voice which may not have been obvious at times to me but looking back at my experiences, is something I know is slowly but surely making a difference for the better in my community.


QFF Marciano Patafilo, Area 16, Region 3

The course has enhanced my vocabulary and confidence in myself to speak to my Samoan community. In a short time I have been able to utilise my improved language skills in the workforce…. At an incident (sic) I was able to provide comfort to a nervous civilian by speaking to him in his native language. This has proven to me how valuable this grant is to our organisation and the community it serves ... I hope to continue learning the language with an aim to write Samoan children’s books in the future.

I highly recommend anyone in the organisation with an interest in pacific languages to apply regardless of your ethnic background, because it will help our organisation to gain a better understanding of the diverse communities we serve. 


For further information on the grant please contact the grant coordinator, Beth Piggott (, SSO Sulu Devoe (, or AC Esitone Pauga, Operational Capability Manager (

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