As part of our commitment to volunteers and our organisation’s volunteerism principles, we have published our second report on our progress against the Volunteerism Strategy. This second report is now available on our website(external link). It builds on the first and shows how we’re working to improve how we plan, design, and monitor our progress to drive greater accountability and embedding volunteerism in how we work.

This document provides a six-monthly progress report of our organisation’s progress against the Fire and Emergency Volunteerism Strategy (2019-2029)(external link).  In addition to providing information about the things we have started, delivered and our ongoing activity, it:

  • demonstrates how implementing our Volunteerism Strategy (as above) improves outcomes for volunteers, the broader workforce, and for the organisation,
  • reports on the initiatives that are underway to embed volunteerism practices in our decision-making processes, attract, develop, and support volunteers to make volunteering easier, and
  • signals future work that will help the organisation achieve its business goals and better outcomes for volunteers.

A lot has been achieved to support volunteering and volunteerism in the last six-months, and it demonstrates our growth in volunteerism and the strength of our Volunteerism Strategy (as above). This report expresses our deep and ongoing commitment to supporting our volunteers to ensure that we continue to have a sustainable and thriving volunteer base.

We hope our people enjoy reading about the progress we have made in helping ensure our organisation has a sustainable and thriving volunteer base.

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