Technology touches many parts of Fire and Emergency New Zealand. It’s in our trucks, our stations, our offices and our homes.

But technology is evolving rapidly and we have to keep pace with change. That means continually evolving our digital capabilities, as well as our skillsets and mindsets, to make our jobs easier, our work more efficient and our communities better served.

That evolution needs guidance to ensure its headed in the right direction, which is why we have developed our Digital Strategy 2021-2027.

The Digital Strategy is online only, and can be found here: link)

This Strategy is aligned to our National Strategy 2019-2025 and seeks to maximise benefits for the organisation by minimising the complexity of technologies and improving data collection, storage and shareability.

Reducing the complexity of our technology platforms ensures that the technology we invest in is intuitive and will make our people’s jobs easier and more efficient.

The Digital Strategy sets a starting point from which we can develop. The core focus of the strategy is to ensure that we establish modern foundations to build on.

There are four foundational blocks: Core Network, Security, Managing and Sharing Data Better and Digital Workflow.

Work on all the foundational blocks is underway, with particular focus on the latter two. We’re seeing the benefits of this already, which demonstrates our Digital Strategy will drive positive change for the organisation and our people. More information on these initiatives will be shared soon.

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