Update 18 January 2019: The How do I? steps and order form for the new supplier are now available in procedure: Order name badges.

Personnel are now invited to order new Fire and Emergency New Zealand name badges, from ournew supplier, OfficeMax.

Badges can be ordered for all personnel – rural and urban career firefighters, volunteers and non-operational staff.

The cost of the new badges rollout will be paid for by the business, not the Area budget. No further orders are to go to Badges and Medals our previous supplier.  From 1 December, orders for new or replacement badges will need to be made via the OfficeMax website, at the cost of the Area.

How to order

To order new name badges for your station, brigade or fire force, please complete the following steps:

  1. Use the Excel spreadsheet to submit all orders
  2. For efficiency, please collate requests into a bulk order, rather than supply separate orders for individuals (we suggest batching for large teams)
  3. Check all names are spelt correctly
  4. Select a magnet or pin-backed badge
  5. Provide one delivery address per form
  6. Send the completed form to sara.bovenzi@fireandemergency.nz no later than 30 November 2017.

Delivery will take approximately three weeks.

For further information about ordering name badges, please email sara.bovenzi@fireandemergency.nz.

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