If you have a small or large BA mask, then we’d like you to know that an orange mask bag is now available on Workwear Group.

The orange bag is available if you want to use a different colour to help identify the small or large mask.

No mask bags other than the blue or orange ones from WWG are to be used for BA masks.

The blue and orange bags from Workwear Group are the only ones approved for our use. We chose these because they are made from material that is suitable for the conditions we work in.

Please make sure you always check that you have the right size mask.

The best way to identify the size of your mask is to check the colour of the exhalation valve cover

The valve colours are:

  • Small = red
  • Medium = black
  • Large = grey
Small and large BA masks

Small and large BA mask

How to order the orange BA mask bag

If you are interested in ordering the orange mask bag for your small or large mask – talk to your Area Manager or Assistant Area Manager.

When you go onto the Workwear Group site you will have two colour options and you just select either blue or orange.

For more information contact Rob McMahon on rob.mcmahon@fireandemergency.nz

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