We have recently received and responded to an official information request seeking current job evaluation information about all positions within Fire and Emergency.

In accordance with the Official Information Act, generic information about the job grade for each position and the associated market median remuneration rate has been released to the requestor. 

Fire and Emergency New Zealand uses a commonly accepted job evaluation system to determine a ‘job grade’ for each position in the organisation. This is then used to help determine what employees get paid, in accordance with our remuneration policies and employment agreements.

The information that we have released does not reveal what individuals get paid or how their performance has been assessed against the requirements of their position. It does show the generic job grades and the factors used to determine those for each position, enabling comparison across roles. Market median remuneration rates for a number of positions are already set out in collective employment agreements. These are a starting point for the assessment of pay, having regard to the range and progress factors set out in our remuneration policies and employment agreements.

If you have any questions about the job evaluation information that has been released, please contact NHQRemuneration@fireandemergency.nz .

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