Three months’ notice is hereby given that all career staff who hold the following ranks, and who attend emergency incidents in an operational response or command capacity*, are required to successfully complete the PCA during 2018.

  • National Commander
  • Assistant National Commander
  • Area Commander
  • Assistant Area Commander
  • Senior Station Officer
  • Station Officer
  • Senior Firefighter
  • Qualified Firefighter
  • Firefighter

*Operational response or command capacity refers to all personnel who are normally required by virtue of their role and the regions response planning, to respond to a fire incident or other emergency to undertake firefighting, and/or incident control or command.

A definitive list of all staff required to complete the PCA will be held regionally.

Undertaking the PCA

Coordination of the PCA will be undertaken at a regional or area level by the PCA coordinator as has occurred in previous years. Further details will be provided at a regional or area level by the PCA coordinator.

Please note that the 3 months’ notice referred to above does not prevent staff from undertaking the PCA before the three months’ notice period if they are ready and able, where local arrangements can be made to that effect.

Further Information

Further information on the requirement to undertake the PCA, the elements of the PCA, the standards required to pass the PCA, and the process to be followed should an individual fail the PCA can be found in the PCA information sheet.

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