Today Fire and Emergency has published its Level 2 Investigation Report into the Newtown 225 (NEWT225) Aerial Failure.

In February, a heavy aerial responded to a well involved residential house fire in Lyall Bay, Wellington. The aerial appliance was tasked to protect the house next door. As NEWT225 attempted to extend its boom, it lost all power. While the crew tried to get it working again, an additional aerial appliance was requested and deployed. 

After approximately 10 minutes the battery backup activated and NEWT225 became fully operational again. After the incident it was taken to the workshop to be checked.  

When an incident of this nature occurs, it is usual to carry out a Level 2 investigation so we can identify lessons and areas for improvement. In this case, the investigation team included an independent investigator.  

Investigation sponsor, Bruce Stubbs, said ‘This is a very good and useful report where the investigation team and all parties involved worked together in a constructive and open way to get to the bottom of what happened.  

‘This has resulted in a comprehensive report which will help us all learn and improve operations.’ 

The report made seven recommendations – which included establishing consistent processes and systems and improving training for operators.  All of them have been accepted and are either completed or underway.  

The investigation found that at no point was there an increased risk to safety because of Operator decision making, or the appliance fault.  

The full report can be viewed here.

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