What’s happened so far? A brief review of what happened in 2018

Over the course of 11 weeks from August to early November, 158 uniform pop-ups were held throughout the country (see image below for visual of locations) to get personnel’s feedback on the proposed uniform design.


The pop-ups were held inside station canteens, station appliance bays, area and regional offices, and even a motel restaurant. They were set up a bit like a mini clothing store with samples of the uniform prototypes hung up on clothing racks for people to view, touch and feel, and provide feedback on. If people couldn’t make it to a pop-up there was also an online survey option for providing feedback. In total, 3,872 people gave feedback which was a great result.

What’s currently happening and what’s next?

At the end of November 2018, the reference group (representative group from around the organisation) got back together to adapt the original uniform design based on the results of the feedback. This revised design is currently going through an endorsement process, with a presentation to our Chief Executive, Rhys Jones, which we hope to have completed by mid-February 2019. We will then share with you what the final designs look like.

After this we begin phase two of the project! The second phase involves procurement, user trials and lab testing to ensure the uniform items can withstand our working conditions. Once we are satisfied, the national roll out of the uniform will begin (phase 3), we can’t yet say exactly how long it will take before you receive your uniform but we estimate between 1-2 years.

While we continue this big process to get things right for a new uniform, please remember the interim uniform arrangements.

Please continue to keep an eye on The Portal for updates. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on the Portal project page, please get in touch with unifieduniform@fireandemergency.nz

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