Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) laundry and repair provider TotalCare opened its second laundry facility in Christchurch on Monday. 

TotalCare provides us with complete apparel management for our structural Level 2 PPE which includes cleaning, assessment and repairs, issuing new kit, and system tracking – and has done so for the last 20 years. 

Fire and Emergency Procurement Manager, Rachel Steinbauer says TotalCare and Fire and Emergency worked closely together to construct a state-of-the art facility that is more environmentally friendly, more efficient, and safer for the people working there.    

“The Christchurch facility has a fully enclosed processing room where dirty garments are loaded for cleaning through a barrier machine and unloaded outside this room, creating a clean environment. This reduces the potential for contamination of the staff and clean garments and allows staff to work safely in the clean environment. 

“The new facility will accelerate turn-around times for cleaning PPE in the South Island and the reduced load on the Auckland centre will also make for faster turn-around times in the North. It will reduce our carbon footprint as it reduces the need to freight PPE between the North and South Islands.” 

TotalCare Manager, Kyle Britton says the company is delighted with the environmental and operational efficiencies the new centre offers. 

“The Christchurch centre brings us some of the latest technology in specialised fire industry launder. We were particularly conscious of creating a centre that was much more environmentally friendly. We will increase energy efficiency by up to 50% by pulling moisture out of the garments as they dry and actively reduce water consumption. 

“We are planning for Christchurch to take 30% of the demand in Auckland which is currently cleaning 192 garments a day.” 

Kyle says South Island fire stations will notice the return boxes from Total Care now have a different return address. 

“Boxes with the Auckland address can still be used but will need the new address taped over the top of the old. The new address is TotalCare, Unit 6, 4 O’Brien’s Road, Sockburn, Christchurch, 8042. 




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