New storage containers provided to our brigades covering Pigeon Bay and Little Akaloa on Banks Peninsula are a big hit.

There are five bays on the peninsula that require facilities to store equipment and gear – Wainui, Le Bons Bay, Okains Bay, Pigeon Bay, and Little Akaloa. While some  brigades have had a building to do so, others have been using 20-foot containers since the late 1990s.

Brian Keown, Group Manager and Assistant Commander for Canterbury District, says the containers  had deteriorated over time.

‘The containers are used to house fire trailers and the crews’ gear. Because of their condition, it was time to replace them, and the Property team provided new containers for Pigeon Bay and Little Akaloa earlier this month.

‘We are delighted with the new containers. They have roller doors, which make it so much easier to get into them in the middle of the night and help with keeping out moisture and vermin. They are much more weathertight than the old ones.’

Brian says he would like to acknowledge and thank the Property team.

‘The operation was well planned and executed on the day by Richard Webb, Region Property Co- Ordinator, Te Ihu. The Controllers from both bays attended the installations and are very happy, especially with the roller doors.’


Brian Keown and Richard Webb

Brian Keown, Dave Innes (Rural firefighter) and Richard Webb

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