Kaiaua Voluntary Rural Fire Force, based near Thames, may only have a crew of 13 but they’re looking mighty fine in their new PPEs for dealing with structural fires.

Volunteer fire fighter Tessa Watts explains: “Our old Level 2s were purchased after extensive fundraising back in 2005/06 and we’ve have had those sets ever since”.

“Because they were purchased to fit past fire fighters, as time went on and those original volunteers left, the new recruits (even up till now) had to fit into gear that did not fit correctly and were extremely worn,” she said.

“Once funds and PPE were available post 1 July, we were pleased to be able to order 13 replacement sets of level 2s, gumboots, structure gloves and new two-piece rural overalls.

“The transition (to Fire and Emergency) has proven to be very beneficial and for us, as a small rural fire force, we are really excited with what opportunities and support are now available. The new gear has instantly boosted team morale, created a sense of belonging for our station and crew and most importantly increased our safety levels.”

Tess says, “We are extremely grateful and can’t thank Fire and Emergency and the people involved enough for the support we have already received.”

Volunteers play an integral role in serving and protecting our communities and rolling out improved support to them is a key part of upcoming work for our new organisation.

Rural people should continue to order their gear from their current suppliers.

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