Sometimes the smallest things can, together, make a big difference. That’s the philosophy behind a change to SMS this week.

Currently, when personnel complete certain compulsory training modules in Learning Station, they need to create a task in SMS to register the training and keep records up to date. Before the change, people then had to click on multiple groupings to find the relevant training modules – and that took time. 

Now we have created a new SMS group called ‘Learning Station’ which puts all the modules into one group – making it easier for people to find what they need, and creating a better experience for users.

While small in itself, every bit of time we can save for our personnel adds up, and reduces the administration burden. Although project has a volunteer focus, this particular change provides a benefit for all SMS users.

The SMS change is one part of the ‘Improving Administration for Volunteers’ project. You can find out more about the project at

For those already used to the previous system, we are also keeping the modules under the current groupings for now.

The change was made on Wednesday, 11 April 2018.

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