The Te Rōpū Whakaruruhau Property team has started a review of our organisational-wide Asbestos portfolio. There are some activities the team would like everyone to follow while the review is underway.

Any works at Fire and Emergency workplaces can only be completed by an accredited contractor or supplier authorised by the appropriate Fire and Emergency representative, for example the Property team.

This will ensure we meet our policies/guidelines, Local Authority requirements, and NZ Building Code Standards.

The safety of our people is paramount so please ensure any activities undertaken do not damage or disturb a building structure or its finishes.

Some dos and don’ts to be aware of:


  • Familiarise yourself with the most recent Asbestos Management Plan for your workplace.
  • Review the Workplace Asbestos Management and Control information on the Portal.
  • Place any remedial maintenance works required on Zendesk.
  • Consult with the Property Team should you require any further clarification or information.


  • Drill holes into walls, doors, floors etc.
  • Hang pictures, signs, clothing, plants, or any other articles on any structures.
  • Sand, saw, or grind floor tiles, hard board panels, or other materials.
  • Damage materials while moving furniture or other objects.
  • Install curtains, drapes, or dividers in such a way that they damage / penetrate structural materials.
  • Remove ceiling tiles.

Finally, a reminder that any potential exposures to asbestos-containing materials should be recorded in Safe@Work. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



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