Fire and Emergency is always looking for ways to offer more support and information to operational personnel when new equipment is deployed into the field.

The organisation also recognises the need to provide the information in a way that’s easy to access and doesn’t require a lot of time to find the information that you need.

With this in mind, National Operations and Educational Services have designed an online user guide for new equipment.

Each guide is split into six sections: Overview, Features, Operation, Safety, Maintenance and Support. They use high quality images, interactivity and video to tell you what you need to know about the equipment without getting bogged down in too much technical detail.

The first guide on the new G-force Low Pressure Nozzle is now available on Leaning Station and more will follow in the coming weeks, including the new Blitz Force ground monitor and the Lifepak 1000 AED.

Instructions for finding the guide on Learning Station

From the portal home page, click Menu and then Learning Station. When the Learning Station home page loads click Catalogue and then click Operational>Menu under the Refresher Learning Nuggets section. Scroll down and click the Start button next to the guide



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