Making sure all our Breathing Apparatus (BA) equipment is serviced regularly and improving the process for you has led Fire and Emergency to formalising a new contract with current supplier, Draeger New Zealand.

On 25 March, our CE Rhys Jones signed a new contract with Draeger for the maintenance of our respiratory protection equipment.

Draeger has been servicing our BA sets since the introduction of the PSS500 sets around 6 years ago. This new contract will improve our service arrangement.

Benefits of the new contract

The new contract now includes the air purifying respirators and the small and large BA masks issued because of face fit testing.

In terms of the servicing, you will see no difference. Draeger will service the sets on station annually and carry out repairs and parts supply as before.

Behind the scenes, we’ve simplified the way we pay the invoices to reduce some of the paperwork, and we’ve included more robust performance requirements for Draeger to achieve.

The new contract takes us up to the end of the life of our current sets (10 years).

National Operations will continue to work with Draeger and the regions to make sure that we get the service we need from Draeger.

If you have any questions about BA equipment servicing, contact or speak to your Region Equipment Coordinator.

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