ComCen have introduced eight new event types into CAD. Three of the new event types focus on Motor Vehicle Crashes (MVCs).

The three new event types for MVCs will allow Districts to manage response plans to those incidents according to the District risk profile and resources.The remaining new event types are for future use. 

In several Districts, the District Leadership Team has requested ComCen to dispatch all motor vehicle crashes as a RESC event type, which has required Dispatchers to adapt workflows to suit. The introduction of three new MVC event types will ensure that Dispatcher workflows when call-taking and dispatching remain unchanged and consistent across the country, and PDAs built around what is required by the District.

Use of the new event types for Motor Vehicle Crashes (MVC, MVCRESC, MVCHEVY) starts at 00:01 hours on Sunday, 1 October 2023.

All other new event types being loaded into CAD are not to be used until further notice and following refinement and delivery of the policy around their use.

There is more information in ComCen Notice 094_2023 New CAD Event Types

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