This is a reminder that on Sunday 26 November a nationwide test of the emergency alert channel will take place between 6 and 7pm.

If you haven’t seen the advertising already, the Emergency Mobile Alert (EMA) is an additional channel that Fire and Emergency have partnered with MCDEM and other emergency services agencies, to use in the case of an emergency event that places life, health or property at serious risk. These alerts are sent using cell broadcast technology and can be used to target specific areas – so you will only get them if there is an emergency in your area and only if you have a EMA capable phone.

Before the system test goes out, make sure you jump onto MCDEMs website link) to check if your phone can receive the alerts, and make sure you have updated your phone to the most up-to-date operating system.

Not all phones are capable of receiving the alerts, so if you receive an alert let others know.

If you are approached for comment by the media on the Emergency Mobile Alerts, direct any enquiries to the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management’s Public Information Duty Officer 24/7 on 04 494 6951 or email  


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