The National and Regional Coordination Centres will pilot Emergency Management Common Operating Picture (EMCOP) from the 18th of December running through to the end of March 2019. The aim is to determine EMCOP is fit-for-purpose for Fire and Emergency New Zealand, with the intention of onboarding partner agencies from April 2019.

EMCOP training for all personnel has started in the National and Regional Coordination Centres and is being delivered by the project team. Representatives from each of the Regional Coordination Centres have attended performance User Acceptance Testing sessions, and are members of the EMCOP Project Reference Group. The Project Reference group is there to champion the project deliverables and outcomes.


This example of EMCOP shows an Incident Room for a geospatial event. The data layer used here displays camps and huts around the North Island. The drawing shows added information about volcanic ash/smoke and wind direction.


EMCOP is a web-based communication, planning and collaboration tool designed to provide emergency personnel with real-time situational awareness and a common view formed from data layers. It can be used before an emergency to help plan and prepare, or after an emergency to assist with recovery. Through enhanced access to real-time information, emergency leaders in the organisation can make better and more timely decisions, resulting in better outcomes and safer communities. Note, EMCOP will not replace any existing systems. It adds value by providing personnel with a common operating picture that brings maps and collaboration tools into one system.

You can find more information on the project on our portal page. For any queries about EMCOP, please contact Marise Temata, Project Manager or Kate Hill, National Operations Advisor.

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