Two of our people involved in the Aerial appliance procurement project recently returned from Finland where they checked over our new appliances.

Bronto Finland (Tampere, Finland) has fitted the aerial units to the cab/chassis on the Type 5 Mediums and Type 5 Large in preparation for shipping them off to the body builders for the locker bodies to be built. The Type 6 is currently being assembled and factory tested.

National Manager Fleet, Mike Moran, and Steve Gallagher, Senior Firefighter from Christchurch City Station went to Finland to inspect the appliances to ensure that they meet specifications and our requirements.

Steve described the trip as very worthwhile, being able to see and operate the appliances gave the project team confidence that the project is moving in the right direction.

‘We identified some issues that Bronto need to address to meet our requirements which has meant the units need to have further work done before leaving the factory. Overall, the units themselves are coming along nicely and offer some new technology that will assist Operational crews and Fire and Emergency at incidents.’

Once the units have been signed off, the Type 5 Large and Type 6 appliances will be sent to R. A. Bell in Brisbane, Australia and the other three, Type 5 Mediums, will go to Fraser Engineering in Wellington.  

Early in 2023, the project had assigned five aerial trainers to be the core trainers for delivering the new aerials into service, however since then processes have changed, and lessons have been learned from other projects. The project team will soon publish/seek Expressions of Interest to ensure that the trainers are the right people for what the project is wanting to deliver.

Other work on the go is preparing the detailed specifications for body builds, development of the testing plan and the training plan which will ensure that we deliver training in a consistent manner for our firefighters to operate the new appliances. 

Here are some photos of the appliances in Finland.


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