In March, the Minister announced a review(external link) into the way Fire and Emergency New Zealand is funded. The review is being led by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), and today DIA released a discussion document outlining options for public consultation.

This is an important review for Fire and Emergency and for all New Zealanders, as everyone benefits from having access to the range of services we provide to communities.

While this is the Minister’s review led by DIA, Fire and Emergency has been actively consulted by DIA throughout the review process, and this will continue until the completion of the review. DIA will consider all submissions, and the feedback will help the Government develop a preferred funding model for Fire and Emergency NZ.

The review is only looking at how Fire and Emergency is funded, not the level of funding. The review does not cover the way other emergency services, such as ambulances, operate or are funded.

The current insurance-based levy method of funding will remain in place during the review.

You can find the consultation document and more information on the DIA website link).

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