When Fire and Emergency people are required to use their private vehicle for work, they are entitled to claim mileage for the distance travelled. 

The mileage rates we set are updated annually based on the rates recommended by the Automobile Association (AA). The AA uses data to help identify fixed costs (registration, insurance, Warrant of Fitness and depreciation) and flexible costs, such as fuel and maintenance. Based on these, it determines all-inclusive mileage rates for petrol vehicles, diesel vehicles, and petrol hybrid and electric vehicles. These can be found in the vehicle operating cost reports it publishes each year. 

This year the AA rates have increased across all vehicle types except electric vehicles which have decreased. The increase is due to a combination of higher petrol prices and lower fixed costs. This means our rates for petrol, diesel and petrol hybrid cars have increased, while the rate for electric vehicles has decreased. 

The new mileage rates take effect from 1 July 2022 and are set out in the expence claim form in our Meal, private stay and mileage rates schedule.

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